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Journal articles since 2000



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Northern Hemisphere monsoons over the past millennium: PNAS 110 (24) 9651-9656. PDF copy of paper

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dynamics during the Last Glacial period: Quaternary Science Reviews 72 (2013) 159-168 PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper
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PDF copy of paper
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PDF copy of paper
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PDF copy of paper

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Nature  Geoscience, 3(2), 114-117. PDF copy of paper

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Mercader, J., Asmerom, Y., Raja, M., and Skinner, A., 2009, Excavation and Dating of Ngalue Cave: A Middle Stone Age Site along the Niassa Rift, Mozambique: Journal of Human Evolution 57, 63-74.
PDF copy of paper
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PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper

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PDF copy of paper

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